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Kharagpur is situated in the District of Paschim (West) Medinipur in West Bengal. This town is about 120 Km far from the State capital, Kolkata and is connected by means of NH - 6 . In 1911  Kharagpur was declared a town with the population of 18,957  became a town from a humble railway hamlet. In 1951  Kharagpur was given the status of the city with a population of 1,20,630 and in 1954,the Kharagpur municipality was constituted with five wards and increased to 25 wards in 1961. Keeping in view the emergence of Kharagpur as an urban town with the rapid growth of trade and commerce, industry, business prospect and employment opportunities, Kharagpur Municipality has already strengthen its infrastructural development works by providing fund from various sources of income of the Municipality along with financial assistance both from State Govt. and Central Govt. Kharagpur is a Municipal town having a population of 207984 as per census 2001. Kharagpur has assumed the role of Municipality in the year 2002. Now, it consists of 30 nos. ward and comprises of 31 Mouzas which are stated as under : The Kharagpur municipalitry is bounded by the mouzas namely, Rushanda, Jharia, Qwalipur, Daulatpur, Bargain, Nandarchak, Sadatpur, Sahachak, Soladhar, Kalikapur, Niranjanbar, Panchrulia in the north; Kapotia, Sadatpur, Kaliakunda, Kesiasole, Hiradihi in the west: Talbagicha, Ghagra, Pathri, Soladahar, Arasini, Amlataria, Modanmohon in the south and Gopalchawk, Shirshi, Dosatina, Kashimali, Amalichawk, Tapli, Kazichawk in the east.







The location of the town in the context of the entire State has been shown in Map and the town details have been also furnished. Kharagpur is an old town of West Midnapur District. It is about 15 Km away from the District Headquarter -Midnapur. It is well connected with the District Headquarter as well as State Capital by Kharagpur Bankura Rly line and Howrah  Bombay main line of South-Eastern Railway and Kolkata  Bombay N.H-6 by road. Apart from this Rail connection, the town also enjoys good linkage by road. National Highway No.-6 passes thrugh this town. It is connected with the District Headquarter through State Highways NH-41. Its geographical location is on the Southern side of the State capital, Kolkata.


The Kharagpur came into existence in the first decade of the present century as a railway settlement. In 1901  There were only 3520 persons living in Kharagpur  a tiny railway settlement. Later on,it was selected as the head quarters for Low carriage and wagon department of BNR. In 1904  Railway workshop was installed to keep further impetus to its growth.Gradually 26 viillages around railway junction came under the urban impact- Kharagpur Town Police Station had to be constituted with this 2 villages. In 1911  Kharagpur was declared a town with the population of 18,957  became a town from a humble railway hamlet. In 1951  Kharagpur was given the status of the city with a population of 1,20,630.In 1951 inauguration of I.I.T. at Hijli on the souther-western of present Kharagpur. In 1954  Kharagpur municipality was constituted..

In 1954 – Kharagpur municipality was constituted.


a.-During 1954, 1.27 (812.8 acres) sq.miles of the area was included in municipsality with 5 nos of wards. Those wards include – Bhagwanpur, Kharida, Nimgoria, Patna, Bhawanipur, part of Sri Krishns pur and Debalpur, Panchberia, Inda, Sanjoal, Kausalya, Bulbul Chatty, Gaikata, Taljali, Sonamukhi etc.This areas developed just outside the Railway area encircling it. People depandant on railway activities,facilities and service settled in this areas – lead to unplanned and unorganized growth.

b.- During 190 municipal area increased with 6 nos of wards.The new inclusion are Kharagpur,Khasjangle and Arambati.

c.-During 1968 Talbagicha was included in municipal areas,and the total area was devided into 20 wards.

d.- In the year 1974 the I.I.T. was included in municipal areas.Thus it increased to 30 nos of wards.

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